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Blu Room Testimonial from a PTSD client

Testimonial from a PTSD client:

I am finding the Blu Room quieting. I am less reactive to sudden noises, less susceptible to flash anger.

PTSD is a cluster of behaviors and reactions: Emotional numbing, flash anger, intrusive thoughts/feelings, detachment from others, nightmares-daymares, hyper-alertness, hyper-startle response. These are a few of the main ones. The only area of change that I can see so far is the intermittent reduction in flash anger, maybe a reduction in intrusive thoughts, less ugliness floating through the mind. But I have had nightmares and some of the rest. Part of the problem is that PTSD creates very real changes in brain structure, mostly the hippocampus, and that isn't easy to alter.

Still, I wouldn't come back if it didn't have some benefit, and so far it would seem it does. But I can't really say what that is — calmness, quietness — those are the only words I can think of at the moment.

Curiously, when I think of the Blu Room I feel that same stillness, so it would seem a residual effect is present.

As for the term 'happy' that you include on your forms, I'm not sure what that is. In the past, I've had moments that seem to be, but they are fleeting. But recently some moments have come out of the blue — without being prompted by some favorable event or relationship. It is one thing to be happy in a happy situation, but another to be happy for no reason. Curious.

Anyway, please share this as much as you like. I have no idea if other Vets have the same reaction. All I can tell you is what I think and feel, as meager as that is at times."

— John W.

Submitted by Terri Stuart
Office Administrator

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