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Blood Pressure

JZ Knight comments on this important Vitamin D3 update:

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What CAN'T Vitamin D3 do?
Another lifesaving reason to take it daily.

by Charles Majors DC

Studies have shown that there is a link between vitamin D and high blood pressure! People who have higher vitamin D intake tend to have LOWER blood pressure. Why?


Sometimes, your body can produce too many cells in the muscle that lines your blood vessels. A build-up of these cells can lead to plaque, which makes it harder for blood to travel throughout your body.

Researchers have found vitamin D receptors on these cells, and vitamin D can bind to these receptors. This may help to reduce the risk of cells building up in your blood vessels.


Also, vitamin D may help in reducing the activity of the system that controls your blood pressure. This system is called the renin-angiotensin system. When this system is overactive, blood pressure can increase. A review (1) in 2013 looked at many studies involving people with hypertension. They found that for each 10 ng/ml increase in someone's vitamin D levels, they had a 12% lower risk of developing hypertension.


The people with the highest vitamin D levels had a 30% lower risk of developing hypertension compared to the people with the lowest levels.

(1) Kunutsor, S. K. et al. Vitamin D and risk of future hypertension: meta-analysis of 283,537 participants. European Journal of Epidemiology 2013;28;205-221.

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