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Removing the shadows of heart failure, stroke, PTSD, anger, and more

David is a 71-year-old Vietnam Veteran with a history of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) who had a severe heart attack in April 2014, and subsequently a stroke in August of the same year.


David's heart attack was so severe, that on the way to the hospital he went into cardiac arrest. He was successfully resuscitated and required stents in two of his heart arteries. The sustained heart damage caused him to have congestive heart failure from severe ischemic cardiomyopathy with a heart pump fraction of 30%, normal being about 65%.


Only four months after this heart attack, he had a severe stroke, that left him with right sided weakness and expressive aphasia, the inability to speak - he had a vocabulary of 2 words - "yes" and "no." After his stroke, he was in a rehabilitation center for a month. He has been doing speech therapy for the last four years.


David started using the Blu Room in July of 2017 and has been coming twice a week for more than 8 months, sometimes more often. He still has speech difficulties and his memory is affected, but he is doing a lot better. He must pause and find his words but is now able to speak in full sentences. Sometimes he has to try several times to say what he means before it comes out with the meaning he intended. His speech therapists are amazed at his remarkable progress.

He gets teary-eyed when he talks about his journey with the Blu Room. He says it is not because of his PTSD, he only killed one person in the war and was able to cope with the horrible things he saw - it took him about 8 years after the war to come to terms with his life. There was something else that happened.


David explains that he experienced the Blu Room as both negative and positive for 150 sessions. Then something happened to him in January of this year and since then all his sessions were positive. He says that it was not the Blu Room that was negative, it was that something in his being was out of sync. His body and mind were not in harmony and he could feel that for a long time. Then in the Blu Room in January he felt like his body, his age, and everything about him caught up with himself. After that, everything was all right.


His neighbor Helena notes that she was the one he came to when he had his heart attack in 2014 and she called 911. Having known him for many years, she describes David's transformation over the past year nothing short of miraculous. She says David used to be a grouchy, grumpy man, easy to get angry and have a temper. In the last few months she notes that he is so sweet, completely transformed, moved to tears in his emotions and able to express them with the people around him. Helena notes this is not the old David. He is completely new, completely transformed, and unrecognizable from his old self.


David explains that the Blu Room can help you heal at your own pace. If you add to it by intentionally working on healing yourself and your attitudes, it can help you speed up your healing. He says he added to his healing by looking at this "negative" in his life - his "shadow" - this being out of sync with himself.


He explains that if you are adding more to your healing, then it will take even less time in the Blu Room until there is a time where the negative "issue" is diminished to "nothing." The negative disappears, it just is gone one day. David says it depends on what you are doing and how you are in your own healing. That is what happened to David in the Blu Room in January. His negative disappeared to nothing, and what was left was Love.


He cries exhausted after he explained this, and the look in his eyes speak to a much greater understanding than he has words for. David describes that after January, the Blu Room helped him heal something that now is peaceful and calm, like a shadow that got lifted.


He cries because he has no words for what happened to him. How do you say that something in the depth of your being, that you felt throughout your life but could not give words to, but you could feel sitting there with every breath and that was like a nagging shadow? That is what got healed in David through the Blu Room. He can best express it in his eyes with his tears, and this thing that happened is bigger than words. And yet because it happened, he is now able to speak better, and his brain is continuing to heal.


David continues to improve, and he surrenders to his journey. He is scheduled to get an implantable defibrillator put into his heart soon due to his low pump function. A few months ago, he had some chest pains, but now despite his poor heart function, he does not have any symptoms of heart failure. He is accepting his journey and is doing what he needs to support his improvement, including following up with his doctors and continuing the Blu Room treatments.


~ Ana Maria Mihalcea, M.D.

Anchor - Stress Relief

"We conclude that the blue lighting accelerates the relaxation process after stress in comparison with conventional white lighting."

New research shows that blue light
helps us recover faster from stress.

Researchers at the University of Granada subjected participants to short-term (acute) social stresses similar to having to meet a deadline for work or having a holiday dinner with family. The results demonstrated that after acute stress blue light accelerates relaxation compared to normal white light.


After performing a stressful task, participants were sent to lie down in rooms with either blue or standard white light. For the test group, the relaxation time was approximately three times faster than for the control group.


Most benefits of blue light reported in the journal literature have been based on the subjective perception of participants. In contrast, this study focused on objective assessment of physiological measurements of the effect of blue light (test group) or white light (control group) during a relaxation period after acute stress was induced in the participant. Heart rate and brain activity were monitored throughout the whole session.


"We conclude that the blue lighting accelerates the relaxation process after stress in comparison with conventional white lighting."

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