Blu Pod intro 1.jpg

Deep Tranquility

The Blu Pod is designed primarily for home use. It is configured for use by a single person without assistance from another person. The Blu Pod has been scaled to create the Blu Room environment in a smaller enclosure based upon our cumulative experience with the Blu Room and the Blu Pet inventions.

The Blu Pod is tuned to the user’s state of mind just like the Blu Room. It creates the same atmosphere that gives a mental reset to the occupant, bringing your mind to stasis. When you experience that tranquility and peace, your mind has a wellbeing that is then transmitted to your body.

This deep state of relaxation allows us to access parts of the brain that we do not normally access in our daily waking lives. It allows us to bypass the neocortex, the part of the brain we use for habitual thinking and feeling. 

Any issue or condition will benefit from the mental rejuvenation you experience coming out of your session. Like the Blu Room, the Blu Pod does not treat physical conditions. It is an environment that supports your mind. Improvements in physical health are a side effect of the mind getting well.


Immerse yourself in the tranquility of your deeper mind in order to dilute the memories of past issues and expedite your mental wellbeing. A healthy mind brings about a healthy body.

The Blu Pod external measurements are 95” long by 38” deep by 42” tall (240x100x105 in centimeters). It will weigh approximately 400 pounds (under 200kg). The unit will arrive in 7 major components that can be easily assembled.