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The Science of Light, Spirit, and Longevity

Light Medicine is the science of connecting light and spirit with health and longevity in the human body. This evolutionary model connects the creative force of the divine spiritual being ─ incarnated in a physical body ─ to the Observer in quantum physics and explains how our thoughts affect physical reality. Through extensive research, Dr. Mihalcea ties together, in a unique way, multiple scientific disciplines — biophysics, genetics, torsion and quantum physics, biochemistry, and neurology — with the power of the mind. How we think manifests a state of health or disease. This tapestry of context provides a fundamental basis for how modern miracles of healing can happen and are intentionally created. This fantastic exploration of human possibilities leaves the reader inspired to dream a novel vision of health and longevity by reaching for new frontiers of science and mind.

Includes a full chapter on the Blu Room and 22 case studies!


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