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Case report from Dr. Jo Linmans, MD
in Belgium

"We are both very grateful for this wonderful healing."

~ Dr. Jo Linmans


Hyperthyroidism Case Report:

In July 2015, my wife Claudia was diagnosed with a type of hyperthyroidism called Graves' disease. This is an autoimmune disease caused by an antibody called the TSH receptor antibody (TRAb).


These antibodies cause the thyroid gland to produce excess thyroid hormone T4 and T3. As a result, the thyroid gland is working too fast and causes following symptoms: irritability, muscle weakness, sleeping problems, fast heartbeat (palpitation), trembling of hands, intolerance of heat, extreme weakness, weight loss despite ravenous appetite, changes in the menstrual cycle, and enlargement of the thyroid gland. Claudia had all of them!


The blood results in July 2015 showed very low TSH, high levels of T3 and T4, and very high TRAb levels:


  • TSH — 0.01 (Normal = 0.3 - 4.5 mE/L)

  • Free — T3 + 15.23 (Normal = 3.23 - 6.47 pmol/L)

  • Free — T4 + 36.61 (Normal = 9.03 - 23.22 pmol/L)

  • TRAb ++ 4.1 (Normal = 0 - 1 U/L)


There are three main treatment options: medications, radioiodine therapy, or thyroid surgery if the first options do not work. I started to treat Claudia with the drug Strumazol at 3 tablets per day to block the formation of T4, which is only to treat the symptoms. A beta blocker was also added to the treatment to slow down her rapid heartbeat. With these drugs, her symptoms became partly under control but her condition was not cured. As long as the antibody TRAb is elevated, the disease is active.


This treatment is typically continued for up to two years. If during this time the TRAb goes back to normal levels the treatment is stopped. That happens in 50 percent of patients. The other 50 percent need either radioiodine therapy or surgery to have the thyroid removed. With either choice, the patient then needs a lifelong substitution of thyroid hormone. Understandably, we did not want the last two options!


Besides the conventional treatment, Claudia started complementary treatments: Homeopathy, food supplements, nutrition adjustments, frequency medicine, etc. As an RSE student, Claudia also started focusing on healing her thyroid gland.


From July 2015 to March 2016, blood investigations where done every month. The TRAb stayed elevated during that period with only two short periods when the value of the TRAb dropped to normal for only a short period of time and then elevated again.


In February 2016, we got the announcement of the opening of the first Blu Room in Europe. I immediately took the opportunity and booked for 4 days Blu Room retreat in Bad Mergentheim, Germany in March 2016. In those 4 days, Claudia went 5 times to the Blu Room focusing on healing.


In April 2016 (one month after her Blu Room sessions), the blood result showed normal rates of TRAb! This time the normal values of the TRAb persisted over the next several months which gave me the opportunity to gradually wean her off the Strumazol and the beta blocker. All of her symptoms gradually diminished and she regained normal and optimal health. Since her healing, Claudia visited the Blu Room in Italy once and recently a few times to the Blu Room in Mülheim, Germany.

From April 2016 to September 2017, blood investigations were done on a regular base. Her thyroid function stayed optimal and the TRAb values stayed normal the whole time. The last blood results date from September 2017:


  • TSH — 0.82 (Normal = 0.3 - 4.5 mE/L)

  • free — T3 5.11 (Normal = 3.23 - 6.47 pmol/L)

  • free — T4 16.90 (Normal = 9.03 - 23.22 pmol/L)

  • TRAb <0.3 (Normal = 0 - 1 U/L)

We now have a 1.5 years of follow-up after the healing with no relapse of the disease. Claudia's symptoms are all gone and that she is in good health.

We are both very grateful for this wonderful healing.

Dr. Jo Linmans (MD)

Calle Oriente 5 52
14030 Ciudad de Mexico
CDMX - Mexico

Dr Carlos Sanchez
Ph: 56060091

Cel: 5518509390

Case report from Dr. Carlos Sanchez, MD of Blu Om Mexico

Recovery Cases – Part 1:

1. A case of eczema with extraordinary results: Woman of 45 years of age. She observed relief from the beginning. The rash diminished considerably, as well as the eruptions throughout her body. By the tenth Blu Room session she was completely clear of it and remains so to date.


2. Woman of 54 years of age. After her third Blu Room session she noticed that a vaginal infection had cleared, as well as her menstrual pain and pain on her right leg.


3. Two professional Jai Alai sportsmen with shoulder injuries recovered completely after 10 Blu Room Sessions, including the complete recovery of one of them with a chronic case of prostate inflammation.


4. The architect who helped build my Blu Room was diagnosed with a severe case of cardiac arrhythmia while he was working on the Blu Room construction. He was very depressed. He took 5 Blu Room sessions, and after that he underwent testing at the National Institute of Cardiology in Mexico City. His tests and electrocardiogram came out completely normal. He called me crying after leaving the hospital saying that it was thanks to the Blu Room.


5. Many people in good health come to the Blu Room to experience it. The young patients report a sense of deep tranquility that they had never experienced before. They also report a sense of inner peace, profound total peace, complete relaxation, a greater control of their thoughts and emotions, release and forgiveness of past experiences, love for themselves, greater energy, vitality, and joy.



Calle Oriente 5 52
14030 Ciudad de Mexico
CDMX - Mexico

Dr Carlos Sanchez
Ph: 56060091

Cel: 5518509390

Case report from Dr. Carlos Sanchez, MD of Blu Om Mexico

Testimonials – Part 2:

1. Initially, in my first sessions in the Blu Room, I would return home to go to sleep and felt very relaxed and a continuing sense of energy and the statements inside the Blu Room of love, peace, harmony, health, and I share this energy with my family and friends, transmitting to them everything I received from the Blu Room. In most of the sessions I fell asleep. What I always declare and focus on is that my health is great and in everyone around me so I can share with everyone in this planet as well as my companion. I declare and focus that love, peace, harmony be with everyone always. That is how I give thanks to God for allowing me to share.


2. After each session in the Blu Room I feel a tranquility that I had not felt and had not experienced, which produces joy as a result, with a spiritual relaxation that brings me calmness, inner peace, and a well-being seldom felt. Likewise, I experience something similar in each session.


3. I experienced sensations in my body like pins and needles, from one part of my body to the next. In places I felt like a sharp needle feeling, and my head was filled with thoughts from the people around me. There was a moment when I focused on breaking chains of my past, and my right leg started to tremble as if it had been stretched out from the tip of my toes to the hip. I also felt a sharp pin sensation in my chest, near the heart, and at the end of the session I felt very sleepy.


4. From the first day my health felt better and up to now I am enjoying the benefits of the Blu Room. I do not tremble inside anymore, do not need antidepressants, do not feel anxiety. I am very grateful to Dr. Carlos Garcia. My vision became clearer also and places where I had pain stopped and went away. Thank you Dr. Carlos Sanchez Garcia. God protect you and bless you. Cordially, Guillermina A.

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